Thank you for visiting my website. My name is John Dodson, I am a qualified web C++  developer and based in New York.

I grew up in the South of USA and spent the majority of my life in New York. After countless holidays in New York I finally moved permanently there at the beginning of 2007.

I grew up without PC. I attended a secondary school which focused on Modern Languages (Spanish, French). The first time I used a computer was in my second year at uni where I was studying German (Language and Literature), because I was fed up with using a typewriter for my essays. After I had worked as an online editor for several years I became more interested in web publishing technologies and started attending night classes in order to learn how to program websites.

In 2007, after six years of working in a variety of online roles (copy editor, website merchandiser, online content manager, web designer) I decided to go back to university and learn c++ programming from the ground up. My communication skills came in handy when I was studying Computing and my previous work experience enabled me to relate the theory from the lectures I attended to the real world. In 2011 I graduated from university with an Honours degree (2:1) in C++ Technology.